Watch Jonathan Besler's beautiful time-lapse video titled Dreamscapes featuring the track Beacons by Rob Fleming.

Hello from Denver! My name is Rob Fleming. I’m a musician.

Experts tell me I should not write my own bio. I should hire an editor to write one instead. Well, I don't think there's anyone better to introduce me and my music to you than me. I'm not writing a review after all. I'll let you decide if my music is for you.

First and foremost, I am ridiculously passionate about creating music. I write and record music that inspires me and that I would want to listen to for my own enjoyment. There is nothing like the feeling I get after a song is done, sitting in the car in the middle of the night ... testing a mix with the stereo cranked and getting that feeling of true satisfaction and that I created something really cool. That's why I have decided to start releasing my music to the public. I can only hope others will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy making it.

2014 is setting up to be a busy year. I'm writing a ton of new material that I plan to release in the form of singles, an EP or maybe even a full length LP. Stay tuned!

Since publishing his music in 2012, Rob's work has been placed in several broadcast television shows, promotional/ advertising spots, and other media outlets. Below are a few choice clients ...
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